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Your Trauma Is Being Stored In Your... Jaw!

What it means when trauma is stored in your jaw:

You’re probably someone who finds it difficult to express your feelings and set boundaries with the people around you. So you often find yourself sacrificing your own needs to meet the needs of others. And because of this, you tend to build anger and resentment towards people who take advantage of your people pleasing tendencies.  

How to release trauma stored in your jaw:

Start a 15-Day Somatic Healing Program to FINALLY get rid of your jaw tension, jaw pain, AND the feeling of living in survival mode.

This is 7 minutes a day of simple jaw movements to release jaw tension, relieve jaw pain, and train your body to stop jaw clenching for good.

Release Your Jaw In 15 Days relieves:

🪩 Jaw Pain
🪩 Pain When Chewing
🪩 Pain When Laughing
🪩 Night-Time Teeth Grinding
🪩 Chronic Tension Headaches
🪩 Anxiety
🪩 Sleep Issues
🪩 Tension Headaches
🪩 Gut Issues
🪩 Brain Fog
🪩 Constant Fatigue
🪩 Poor Posture

Release Your Jaw!