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Daily Accountability Texts - 5 Course Bundle

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Get DAILY accountability texts from The Workout Witch to stay consistent through your 5 Course Bundle.

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The path to healing can be challenging to navigate alone.

Which is why we’re introducing Daily Accountability Texts — an add-on companion to your 5 Course Bundle. You'll get daily reminders to stay committed and motivated so you can achieve your somatic exercise goals!

Our brand new accountability program delivers real-time DAILY guidance delivered straight to your fingertips via text message.

This is a course add-on. Be sure to purchase the 5 Course Bundle separately.

Each daily accountability text is your key to consistency.

Daily Reminders — You'll receive DAILY text messages for 90 days reminding you to stay consistent with your somatic practice.

Progress Tracking — You'll easily keep track of your journey with regular check-ins, helping you celebrate your victories, no matter how small.

Motivational Encouragement — You'll be reminded how far you've come and how much of a positive impact your somatic exercises are having on your overall well-being.

Avoid Procrastination — You'll get gentle nudges to show up and keep going, even on days it feels hard.

We've seen PROVEN success when you receive daily motivation on your somatic exercise journey.

Join the hundreds of people who've claimed that their daily texts "helped me push through the days I just didn’t feel like it", "encouraged me when it was so hard on my emotions", and were "pivotal in helping me remember to do the exercises".

Features Include:

Pick The Day You Start — You'll be able to choose exactly what day you start receiving your accountability texts, so you can be in control of your healing journey.

Choose The Time You Get Your Texts — You can pick what time of day you want to get your accountability texts between 8am-8pm your local time, allowing your daily motivational text to come in right when you want to do your exercises.

Get More Than Just Texts — You'll get more than just text messages from us. You'll get boosted motivation, unwavering support, and the ability to understand exactly where you are on your healing journey.

Don't let inconsistency hold you back from reaching your healing goals.

Transform your somatic journey into a consistent, empowering adventure for only $25 USD!

Immediately after you purchase Daily Accountability Texts, you’ll receive a welcome text from us with all the information you need to feel supported throughout your course.


Q: What do the texts consist of?

A; Each text consists of a daily reminder of what day you're on in your 5 Course Bundle and the much-needed encouragement to stay committed.

Q: Does every course have access to accountability texts?

A: Only the 3 Course Bundle and 5 Course Bundle have an accountability add-on right now.

Q: Do I have the ability to stop the texts at any point?

A: You have the ability to unsubscribe from the texts at any point.

Q: When do the texts start?

A: You decide when the texts begin! Once you sign up for the accountability texts, you'll receive instructions on how to pick what day you want to start on AND what time you want to receive your messages.

Q: What countries is this available for?

A: This is only available for people in the United States and Canada for now. If you want to be the first to know when we roll out these texts to other countries, you can sign up here!

Q: Does this include the 5 Course Bundle?

A: No! This is an add-on companion to the 5 Course Bundle. You purchase the 5 Course Bundle separately. 

Ready to stay consistent on your healing journey?

Get daily accountability texts to stay committed and motivated so you can achieve your healing goals!

This text program has limited space, and can sell out. Sign up for Daily Accountability Texts to stay consistent through your 5 Course Bundle today!