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The 5 Course Bundle-From Pain To Power

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Get a full body trauma and tension release, heal your nervous system AND rebuild your strength in 90 days with our 5 course bundle. Sign up for the 5 course bundle today! 

Designed for women who want a full body trauma and tension release, to heal their nervous system, AND to get strong, this program asks for only 10 minutes of your time per day. Train in the comfort of your home. No equipment needed. 

Feel results after just 3 days. 

  • Beginning-intermediate level  
  • 90 days of exclusive guided video classes 
  • 10 minutes per day for 90 days
  • No equipment needed

The 5 Course Bundle includes our Release Stress & Stored Trauma, Free Your Neck & Shoulders, Release Your Jaw, Heal Your Nervous System, Heal Your Lower Back, & Abs, Waist, A$$ core challenge courses. Get a full body release of trauma and tension AND get strong in 90 days. 

Feel relaxed, strong, and beautiful.  

Ready for a free, relaxed, strong body? Taught by a somatic expert, this course is valued at $5900. Get the course now and start feeling relaxed today for only $197 USD. Money back guarantee. We have a 99% success rate with our courses.

Registration is open now. Once you sign up, you'll be given instant access to the full course, with unlimited, lifetime access to the exclusive content

The course includes:

  1. **Exclusive video classes sequenced to release full body tension + trauma
  2. **Exclusive video classes sequenced to get strong again after trauma / injury
  3. **Instant-download pdfs for progress tracking and organization
  4. **4 healing rituals 
  5. **How To Actually Stick With It Guide (to keep you consistent with exercises)
  6. **Modifications for people who have pain or less mobility
  7. **Jaw, shoulders, neck, hips, & lower back tension releasing techniques
  8. **Effective core strengthening Pilates exercises (no equipment needed)
  9. **Bonus prenatal module 
  10. **Direct email access to The Workout Witch for tips and personal guidance
  11. **2 downloadable daily tension release routines to keep your body open and relaxed long after you've completed the course 
  12. **1 downloadable core routine to keep your body strong long after you've completed the course 


Q: Are the classes live or pre-recorded?

A: All of the classes are pre-recorded so you can do them at your own pace when it's convenient for you. You'll have lifetime access to the course so you can revisit it anytime

Q: How long does it take to fully release the tension and trauma in my body?

A: This varies person to person but it generally takes 3 weeks to release the stored trauma with this course. The full body tension release takes 6 weeks. There's a specific sequence of movements that'll help you get to the big release moments. You'll be taught the step-by-step in this course.

Q: How long does it take to feel strong again? 

A: First, you'll release trauma & tension and get your body out of it's stress response. Then, during the final 30 days of the course, you'll focus on getting strong. You'll feel stronger by day 4 of the core challenge

Q: Does this work for men too?

A: Yes, this course works for all genders

Q: Is this course safe for prenatal and postpartum?

A: Yes, it's safe for both prenatal and postpartum. there are prenatal modifications included in the course. For postpartum, the course will also help you rebuild your pelvic floor. 

Q: I've had a hard time staying consistent with exercise in the past. Will this work for me?

A: Yes! Included in the course is a pdf called "How To Actually Stick With It Guide" (to keep you consistent with exercises). If you want daily support with staying consistent, get our Daily Accountability Texts when you purchase the course. 

Q: How do I know when I release my trauma?

A: You'll really feel it when the big release moment happens. You'll feel a deep a warm, gushing feeling throughout your entire body. You'll have a huge emotional release as well. After the big release, you'll feel light with significantly less pain in your body. You'll feel much more ease and relaxation throughout your body as well.

Q: What if I have a question while I'm taking the course?

A: We personally support all of our students with any questions they have during the course via email.

Your body stores unprocessed emotions and old trauma, causing tension, pain, and health complications. Sign-up now and commit to releasing the trauma and tension from your body and getting strong again. 

Ready to relax your whole body and get strong again?

Space in the course is limited. This course sells out every month. 

Get the 5 Course Bundle and release the all of the tension and trauma stored in your body and get strong again. Sign up now before space runs out!