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Why Can’t I Lose Weight: The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Posted by Kelsey Juntwait on

New studies are showing that significant weight loss is connected with those who practice somatic exercises.

Let me explain exactly what that means…

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve tried EVERY diet possible to drop some extra pounds but nothing ever sustainably keeps the weight off.
  • You’ve joined allllll the workout programs at your local gym (and even online!) but nothing is giving the results you crave.
  • You’re becoming a little resentful of your partner because they can eat without gaining a single pound and you can't.
  • You’re constantly googling “why can’t I lose weight!?!?!” And you're getting sick of it.

If your answer was a consistent “yes”, then you’ll want to stick around for this…

'Why Can’t I Lose Weight?': The Truth

The real reason behind your inability to lose weight is probably something you’ve never heard about before.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight but haven’t been able to see any success with it, it’s NOT because you need the newest diet out there or the latest workout program.

You don’t need super special supplements or a better mindset.

And you definitely don’t need to invest thousands of dollars on something like a peloton (although, we DO love a good peloton!)

The real reason you’re not losing weight isn’t because of the active lifestyle changes you’re currently making to lose said weight… 

The real reason you’re not losing weight is because you’re not addressing why you can’t lose the weight to begin with.

And that starts with understanding how the weight you’ve been trying to lose is intimately connected with the relationship between your mind and body. 

'Why Can’t I Lose Weight?': A New Perspective

Listen, I get it… Our ENTIRE lives have been consumed by the notion that the only way to lose weight is from working out, eating better, and essentially, living in a calorie deficit. Right?

So I know what you’re thinking…

“I’ve DONE all the exercises out there. This won’t be any different.”

“Isn’t somatic healing some holistic stuff that doesn’t work???”

“This is NOT why I can’t lose weight…”

“This. Won’t. Work.”

But before you start believing those inner thoughts about the relationship between somatic healing and losing weight, hear me out.

'Why Can’t I Lose Weight?': Addressing Stress

As you’re probably well aware, stress impacts pretty much everything in our lives and bodies. From the anxiety diagnosis to the yearning for a tropical vacation to the forgetfulness, stress is something we’ve all learned to deal with. However, like everything else in this world, too much of anything is never a good thing. 

And especially when it’s stress.

'Why Can’t I Lose Weight?': Too Much Cortisol

A lot of things happen to your physical being when you’re stressed:

  • Your heart starts beating faster
  • Your muscles tighten
  • You breathe quicker
  • Your blood pressure rises
  • You become more aware of your surroundings

And since your body is basically running in overdrive when it’s stressed, it also needs something to regulate all of those implications.

That’s where Cortisol comes in.

Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. An easy way of understanding its importance is thinking of it like a built-in alarm system — controlling your moods, motivations, fears, thoughts, regulatory pathways, etc.

Cortisol plays an integral role in your body. And everything that happens in your body when you’re stressed is regulated and normalized by Cortisol. 

Cortisol regulates your heartbeat and blood pressure.

Cortisol releases your tight muscles.

Cortisol slows your breathing.

Cortisol basically gets you back into your “normal” state of being.

So Cortisol IS good to have…

To an extent. 

Like I mentioned before, in times of high stress, cortisol is released so your body can respond appropriately. 

So what happens when your body is living in a constant state of high stress? And your body is consistently releasing more and more cortisol?

'Why Can’t I Lose Weight?': Hormonal Imbalances

Consistently high levels of cortisol in your body will create a hormonal imbalance — essentially allowing your body to normalize the excess amount of cortisol there, which then leads to inflammation, a weakened immune system, AND, most importantly for what we’re talking about right now, the inability to lose weight.

Regaining the ability to lose that weight starts with getting rid of the cortisol. And getting rid of the cortisol starts with getting rid of the stress.

'Why Can’t I Lose Weight?': Your Biological Stress Response

It’s been noted that any form of trauma and stress can be stored in someone’s somatic memory. So the more trauma you deal with and the more stress you experience, it’s likely that all of it is still being kept in your biological stress response — and ultimately, allowing the body’s built-in alarm system to continuously be on high alert. 

The stress that’s stored in your body needs to be released in order to finally give that alarm system a break. So in return, your body can regulate its hormones, reduce the amount of inflammation it has, and lose weight as it naturally intended to. 

'Why Can’t I Lose Weight?': Somatic Exercises

Releasing trauma is easy to do with somatic exercises — gentle movements that connect your physical body to your emotional body, allowing the physicality of those repetitive movements to release the trauma and stress you have stored there and return your body’s biological stress response back to what it should be.

This, in return, will allow your body to lose weight easier and in a shorter amount of time than before. 

To try somatic exercises out yourself — so you no longer have to wonder ‘why can’t i lose weight’ — I invite you to take my FREE quiz to find out exactly where your trauma and stress is being stored in your body and find a program that will help you release it for GOOD

So you can lose the weight for good.

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With 14 years of clinical experience, Liz Tenuto is a somatic specialist known as The Workout Witch because she heals the pain you know you have by treating the cause of it you never knew existed. Liz is committed to changing the conversation around past trauma, somatic memory, and how anyone’s psychological pain and stress is manifesting itself physically.