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Your Trauma Is Being Stored In Your... Hips!

What it means when trauma is stored in your hips:

Trauma being stored in your hips can mean many different things but most of it typically goes back all the way to childhood.You’re probably someone who experienced a traumatic event as a kid (whether you can pinpoint it or not). Childhood trauma can be anything from losing a parent to experiencing a flood to being bullied by classmates. You may also feel like you’re stuck in a constant state of anxiety or depression and that you’re generally uninspired in different aspects of your life.  

How to release trauma stored in your hips:

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🪩 Pain Associated From Fibromyalgia
🪩 Difficulty Taking Full Breaths
🪩 Panic Attacks
🪩 Chronic Tension Headaches
🪩 Sleep Issues
🪩 Gut Issues
🪩 Constant Fatigue
🪩 Long-Term Anxiety
🪩 Long-Term Depression
🪩 Brain Fog

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