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Hi, I'm Liz, aka The Workout Witch...

I’m changing the way this generation deals with stress & trauma.

Liz Tenuto (aka The Workout Witch) specializes in healing the physical effects of trauma & stress. Liz is on a mission to make somatic healing popular and accessible.
As a narcissistic abuse survivor, Liz learned what rage was at an unusually young age. She experienced chronic pain & unexplained health conditions in her early 20s. After trying everything (yoga, massage, chiropractors, doctors, acupuncture, meditation), Liz tried somatic exercise. After her first 4 lessons, her chronic pain and years-long battle with insomnia was almost gone.
With a Degree in Psychology from UCSB, somatic certifications in Feldenkrais and Pilates with a specialization in injuries & pathologies, and 15 years of teaching experience, she's been changing the conversation around how trauma and anxiety affect the body for 15 years. 

Liz offers 30-day courses and is best known for her work with stress & trauma release.

Specifically, how trauma, anxiety, stress, and emotional experiences are all connected to the physical pain and unexplained health conditions we’ve been generationally programmed to just “put up with.”

By utilizing somatic exercises, she's helping today’s generation heal from the unexplained pain that doctors can't treat, be free from the trauma you’ve been putting off, and introduce you to the way your body is supposed to feel.

Liz has helped over 120,000 women heal from trauma and long-term stress with her viral online courses. Liz now has more than 3 million followers on social media, with over 15.1 million views on some of her TikTok videos. She has thousands of testimonials from students who've had huge transformations with her courses, many of which are published on her website and Instagram highlights.

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