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The Top 5 Stretches For Lower Back Pain And Hip Pain

Posted by Liz Hurt on

Have you ever wondered what can cause lower back pain and chronic hip pain? Or looked up, "why does my lower back hurt so much?" Or, "what are "what are good stretches for hip pain?"

There IS good news for you! It IS possible to alleviate lower back pain and hip pain through simple stretches, especially if you follow a well-researched program under the guidance of a rehabilitative fitness professional or physical therapist.

So if you're looking for easy stretches for lower back pain and hip pain, try some of these!

To bring you some relief today, these are the top 3 stretches for lower back and hip pain:

1. Stretch Your Psoas

The psoas is the deepest abdominal muscle in your body and it contracts during prolonged periods of stress, causing hip flexor tension and lower back pain. But by stretching this muscle, it's possible to feel pain relief in your hips and lower back.

To release your psoas, follow this video. Once it's released, feel extra relief by trying this tutorial on further stretching and elongating your psoas muscle for further hip pain relief.

2Release Your Sciatic Nerve

This specific stretch for hip pain both alleviates the symptoms of sciatica as well as allows you to release the stored trauma in your body by releasing your sciatic nerve.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body and it's formed by the union of 5 nerve roots from the lower spine. Sciatic nerve pain often occurs as a result of bad posture, chronic sciatica, or stored trauma. To begin to relieve sciatic nerve pain and chronic hip pain, try the exercises in this video. 

3. Stretch Your Hamstrings

You might be wondering how the hamstrings have anything to do with stretches for lower back pain — however, most muscles in the body can affect other muscles in the body, no matter where they are. 

Two common causes of tight hamstrings are inactivity and engaging in a form of intense exercise without being warmed up. Opening your hamstrings is a beneficial stretch for lower back pain and hip pain because these groups of muscles are typically all engaged when doing strenuous movements. To begin to open your hamstring muscles, try the exercises in this video.

So even though the hamstrings are a group of three muscles that run along the back of your thigh, by stretching these muscles, your hips and lower back will feel the benefits. 

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