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Random Things You Do Everyday That Are Signs Of Living In Survival Mode

Posted by Liz Tenuto on

If you've ever found yourself in a constant state of 'fight or flight' mode or if you feel like your only true goal is to just get through the day... You're probably living in survival mode. And even though living in survival mode can be exhausting and overwhelming — living in survival mode is something that hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing on a daily basis.

So know that you're not alone.

If you're living with chronic stress or have a demanding job or are dealing with a difficult relationship, you might find yourself in survival mode. And survival mode can lead to an array of various signs and symptoms that are making it hard for you to reach your highest and healthiest self.

So how can you tell if you're actually in survival mode?

And better yet — how can you get out of it?

Here are 20 random things you're probably doing everyday that are signs you're living in survival mode:

  • You're sitting in the car for 10+ minutes before you can actually get out and go inside anywhere. 
  • Your favorite part of your shower is when you get out, wrap up in a towel, and sit in your bed for 20+ minutes dissociating before you get dressed.
  • You can drive for miles and miles without even remembering what you passed or where you are (yet you somehow are still driving safely).
  • You constantly clean the house (not because it's a mess but because your mind is).
  • You lose your train of thought easily in conversation and have no idea what you were about to say.
  • You can't remember that one simple word.
  • You love cancelled plans.
  • You misplace things often.
  • You find it hard to make simple decisions. (Being asked what you want for dinner becomes a whole *thing*)
  • You get distracted easily.
  • You're having sugar cravings.
  •  You're building resentment towards people even though they asked you if you needed help and you said 'no'.
  • You find it hard to turn off your thoughts at night.
  • You can't speak up for yourself.
  • You're easily overwhelmed by loud noises or bright lights or that one underwire in your bra that keeps poking you in your armpit.
  • You're scrolling on your phone a lot.
  • You find it hard to take a deep breath sometimes.
  • You get random dizzy spells.
  • You're throwing yourself into work.
  • You feel more irritable than normal — and you're probably taking it out on the people closest to you.

        Here's how to get out of survival mode:

        In order to get out of survival mode, you first to recognize that you're in survival mode. (And since you're here — reading this article — you may have already realized this!)

        Next, you need to be able to take a step back from the responsibilities and stress in your life and acknowledge what you can let go of. (This will allow you to stay out of survival mode once you're officially out of it.)

        Finally, you need to actively get out of survival mode. And you do this by physically regulating your nervous system. (This can easily, gently, and simply be done by doing somatic exercises.)

        How to get out of survival mode with somatic exercises:

        Somatic exercises assist your body in releasing the physical tension it's storing that's keeping your nervous system in a state of survival. These gentle exercises essentially retrain your nervous system to relax and unwind while also building resilience towards future stress and tension.

        With consistent practice, somatic exercises can make you feel more grounded and present while also helping you regulate emotions and trauma. This allows you to move beyond survival mode into a life of greater ease and vitality.

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