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5 Trauma Release Exercises To Start Healing Childhood Trauma

Posted by Kelsey Juntwait on

Taylor Swift was on to something when she created the viral hit “Shake It Off.” Because when it comes to trauma being stored in the body or stress weighing you down, the action of “shaking it off” can, quite literally, change your life.

If you don’t know by now, stress, anxiety, and psychological trauma is stored throughout the physical body in our somatic memory.

After time, our somatic memory eventually begins to affect our body’s biological stress response, creating long-term issues that expose themselves as physical symptoms.

And whether those physical symptoms are:

😩 Unbearable hip tension

😩 Unusually tight hips

😩 Extreme lower back pain

😩 Years of sciatica that just won’t go away

You NEED to start addressing them now in order to heal yourself in the long term.

So if this sounds like you:

  • You find yourself trying to pop your hips all day long.
  • You’re constantly looking for different exercises for hip pain or stretches for sciatica but everything you try doesn’t work long-term.
  • You’ve been to multiple doctors for this debilitating pain but all they do is label it as stress.
  • You’ve tried acupuncture, yoga, meditation retreats but nothing is making the pain go away.
  • You may have heard that trauma is being stored in your hips but after every therapy session, the physical pain is still there.
  • You’re tired… All day, everyday.
  • You suffer from stomach aches, random headaches, and other body aches regularly.

Then it’s time to give your body what it deserves — so you can live your life without pain (AND without those years of stored trauma in your hips and body ever again).

Here are 5 trauma release exercises to start healing childhood trauma that’s being stored throughout your body:

1. Hip Trauma Release Exercise

View Trauma Release Exercise Here


2. Back Trauma Release Exercise

View Trauma Release Exercise Here


3. Side Trauma Release Exercise

View Trauma Release Exercise Here


4. Belly Trauma Release Exercise

View Trauma Release Exercise Here


5. Butt Trauma Release Exercise

View Trauma Release Exercise Here



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