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Why Is My Sciatica Not Going Away? Treating Your Sciatic Pain For Good

Posted by Kelsey Juntwait on

If you’ve experienced chronic hip pain or flare ups of sciatic nerve pain over the past few years, you’ve probably wondered (and even Googled) this before:

“Why is my sciatica not going away!?”

Whether your sciatica is from a physical injury or from years of stored trauma in your hips and body, sciatic nerve pain can be one of the most debilitating ailments to your everyday life.

And if you’re anything like me, then you’ve also seen multiple doctors to treat this life-altering issue. 

Yet every doctor — like clock-work — prescribes something you’ve already tried. (AND something that hasn’t worked.)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Western medicine! BUT I can also recognize this… 

Western medicine is quick to treat the symptoms of our problems…

  • Extra-Strength Ibuprofen to merely mask the sciatica I experienced every morning.
  • Massages for the tight hips I was walking around with everyday.
  • Xanax for the anxiety I had developed because of the pain I could never heal from

But these things weren’t doing the thing I needed most. And that was for the pain to go away.

For good.

So, just like you, I constantly wondered, “Why Is My Sciatica Not Going Away?”

“Why can’t I get out of bed on most days?”

“Will my hips never NOT be in pain when I wake up in the morning?”

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties did I actually find an answer to these questions.

But before I get into that, I want to make sure the sciatica you’re specifically talking about and wondering about is actually sciatica. 

So before you ask, “why is my sciatica not going away”, let’s start with “is my sciatica actually sciatica”.

What is sciatica?

Simply put, sciatica is used to describe the hip pain associated with an injury, an irritation, or an inflammation to the sciatic nerve (which is found in the gluteal region). The term “sciatica” is widely used to describe pain that originates in the lower back or hip, then radiating down the leg. However, for the pain to specifically be diagnosed (or rightfully termed) as sciatica, the cause of the pain must be from the sciatic nerve, not just the muscle surrounding it. 

What does sciatic pain feel like?

Sciatic pain can feel different to everyone, and typically depends on the cause of the sciatic nerve pain. While some describe their sciatica pain as “burning” or “stabbing,” others describe it as “shooting” or “jolting.”

The pain can either be constant or arbitrary, can feel worse if you sit or stand for long periods, and can come on after a sudden, unexpected movement.

Essentially, any nerve pain that originates as hip pain or lower back pain, and then begins to radiate down one of your legs can be classified as sciatic nerve pain or described as sciatica. 

There are many ailments that can mimic sciatica symptoms though.

And those ailments can cause pain felt in the lower back, hips, gluteus, and all throughout the legs. But the true distinction for your pain to be sciatic pain is that the pain is specifically from the sciatic nerve.

Now that your pain has been classified as sciatic nerve pain, now you can ask the question of, 'Why is my sciatica not going away?’

So… Why IS my sciatica not going away?

Alright, the answer you’ve been waiting for… 

The reason why your sciatica hasn’t gone away isn’t because you need stronger painkillers or because you need to see another doctor or because you need a new mattress…

The reason why your sciatica hasn’t gone away isn’t because you need more rest or an expensive surgery or another massage…

The reason why your sciatica hasn’t gone away is because you’ve become so accustomed to only treating the symptoms of your sciatica.

Your sciatica isn’t going away because you’re not treating the ROOT CAUSE of it.

How do I make my sciatica go away?

Rather than just treating the pain itself, my approach gets to the root cause of your sciatica — so you’ll never again have to wonder “why is my sciatica not going away” ever again.

After almost a decade of trying to relieve my own sciatic nerve pain, I was introduced to somatic exercisesgentle movements that connect your physical body to your emotional body, allowing you to treat the physical manifestations of pain by addressing the trauma, anxiety, and stresses that have been causing it.

How do I address the root cause of my sciatic nerve pain?

Here’s the thing… Sciatic nerve pain is a huge indicator that you’re storing A LOT of stress and anxiety in your body.

You’re storing YEARS of past trauma there.

So when you’re trying to make your sciatica go away, more ibuprofen is NOT the answer. (& neither is buying a new mattress or visiting yet another doctor…)

The answer is to finally release the years of trauma stores building in your hips through somatic exercises.  

And after completely healing myself from the constant pain that kept me in bed most mornings in my twenties, I’ve created multiple programs that are allowing thousands of women to heal themselves too.

These simple exercises and movements will heal the pain you know you have — by treating the cause of it you never knew existed.

It’s time to give your body what it deserves — so you can live your life without hip pain ever again.

Join Free Your Hips In 30 Days and FINALLY get the answers to your years of questioning, ‘Why is my sciatica not going away?’

Your hips will thank me later.

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With 14 years of clinical experience, Liz Tenuto is a somatic specialist known as The Workout Witch because she heals the pain you know you have by treating the cause of it you never knew existed. Liz is committed to changing the conversation around past trauma, somatic memory, and how anyone’s psychological pain and stress is manifesting itself physically.