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Trauma Releasing Journal

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Release your trauma through journaling. Sign up for the trauma releasing journal today!

Designed for people who want to release unresolved trauma from their mind & body (and heal their inner child), these journal prompts ask for only 15 minutes of your time per day. Deepen your trauma releasing experience. No journal, pen, or printer needed. 

Feel results after just 5 days. 

  • Beginning-intermediate level release  
  • 16 exclusive journal prompts
  • Average of 15 minutes per day 
  • No journal, pen, or printer needed

This journal release relieves:

  • constant sense of fear or worry
  • feeling stuck in fight / flight / freeze
  • unprocessed emotions
  • unresolved trauma
  • childhood trauma (inner child healing)
  • long-term anxiety
  • panic
  • hypervigilance
  • difficulty with self-worth
  • self-abandonment
  • self-blame
  • racing thoughts
  • brain fog
  • rumination
  • betrayal 
  • burnout
  • constant fatigue
  • sleep issues / insomnia

Feel at ease, grounded, and light.  

Ready to feel light both mentally and emotionally? Written by a somatics expert, the healing work in this journal is valued at $1200. Get the journal now and start getting healing your inner child today for only $25 USD.

Registration is open now. Once you sign up, you'll be given instant access to the full journal via email, with unlimited, lifetime access to the exclusive content

The journal includes:

  1. **Exclusive journal prompts perfectly sequenced to release your trauma and heal your inner child
  2. **Easy to fill in pdfs
  3. **Direct email access to The Workout Witch for tips and personal guidance


Q: How many journal prompts do I need to do per day?

A: We suggest 1 per day or journaling 3 times per week. You can do them at your own pace when it's convenient for you. You'll have lifetime access to the journal so you can revisit it anytime

Q: How long does it take to release trauma with journaling?

A: This varies person to person but it generally takes happens halfway through this journal. There's a specific sequence of prompts that'll help you get to the moment of crying and emotional release. You'll be guided through the step-by-step in this journal.

Q: Does this work for men too?

A: Yes, this course works for all genders

Q: Is this journal safe for prenatal and postpartum?

A: Yes, it's safe for both prenatal and postpartum. these are all writing prompts so you can do them anytime pre or post natal.

Q: I have a hard time staying consistent with journaling. Will this work for me?

A: Yes! You can go at your own pace and have lifetime access so you can revisit the journal prompts anytime.

Q: How do I know when I release my trauma?

A: You'll have a huge emotional release (a deep cleansing cry). After the big release, you'll feel much lighter both mentally and emotionally. You may also experience significantly less pain or tension in your body. You'll feel much more at ease and grounded.

Unresolved trauma can get "stuck" in your mind and in your body. Journaling is a powerful tool to process your emotions and release your trauma. Sign-up now and commit to releasing old, unresolved trauma.

Ready to release unresolved trauma and heal your inner child?

Space in the journal is limited so that we can ensure that we are able to support all of our students. This journal can sell out. Sign up today and get unlimited, lifetime access

Get the Trauma Releasing Journal and release the old trauma stored in your mind and body. Sign up now before space runs out!