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release retreat

Transform your pain into power.

This two day in-person retreat in sunny Los Angeles is for trauma survivors to heal in community. You will heal from your past, discover your worth, empower your voice, and find strength through community support. Be guided by three healing industry experts with over 30 years of live teaching experience who’ve revolutionized the way this generation heals from trauma.

You don’t have to be alone in your healing journey.

By incorporating somatic healing exercises with Somatic Specialist Liz Tenuto and self defense courses led by Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Danielle Lynn and Reiki Master Alex Marsh, you’ll release the trauma and unprocessed emotions that are holding you back from becoming your most authentic and liberated self

Allow yourself to detach from the demands and expectations of your life for one weekend in a safe, welcoming, and nurturing space for a trauma-informed, body-centered, and women-led healing retreat.

We're committed to guiding you out of pain and into your power.


Here’s how to plan:

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Here’s what you’ll get:

✨ An in-person two-day retreat in sunny Los Angeles over the weekend of October 20-21st, 2023 to engage in connection, community, nervous system regulation, somatic shifts, and trauma healing.

✨ A safe, welcoming, and intentional space to reconnect with yourself and your strength.

✨ Access to three trauma survivors turned holistic wellness experts who’ve created trauma-informed and body-centered integrative healing therapies.

✨ Daily somatic healing sessions focused on trauma release led by Liz Tenuto, The Workout Witch. (Liz has revolutionized the field of somatic movement and she very rarely teaches in person anymore, making this retreat one that will go fast.)

✨ Trauma-informed self defense courses led by Alex March and Danielle Lynn — so you can heal through empowerment and strength. (Alex and Danielle are a dynamic healing duo flying all the way to LA from New Jersey for this retreat.)

✨ Intuitive readings done by Evidential Medium Alex Marsh to guide you along your individual path of healing, understanding, vulnerability, and perception. (Alex is wildly well-known for her intuitive energy and her readings are booked out for the next year.)

✨ A community of women to foster long-term support and friendship.

✨ A deeper sense of connection to yourself and the ability to be more present in your own life.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

✨ You’ll regulate your nervous system.

✨ You’ll have the tools to get yourself out of survival mode.

✨ You’ll understand your stress cycle.

✨ You’ll find peace and calm in your body.

✨ You’ll heal from the physical effects of trauma.

✨ You’ll build confidence and strength.

✨ You’ll set boundaries in future relationships.

✨ You’ll prioritize your healing journey.

✨ You’ll leave with connections that’ll last forever.

✨ You'll have practical, applicable tools to defend yourself against future traumatic experiences.

Here’s the investment:


*price does not include travel, hotel, or parking. payment plans available.*


Somatic healing. Self defense. Reiki. In-person. With three trauma survivors turned healing experts.

You won’t find this kind of community anywhere else.

You’re on your healing journey. You’re putting in the work. And you’re beyond deserving of being empowered and validated and supported on that journey.

Which is exactly why we’ve created this two-day retreat — to give you the empowerment and the validation and the support you not only need and want, but deserve.

Imagine yourself surrounded by other trauma-survivors creating a feeling of shared understanding and empathy. Imagine fostering a sense of belonging with collective experiences and unique perspectives. Imagine the wisdom gained from communal healing. Imagine how much hope can be summoned; how much resilience can be built.

Join us in forming this healing community with womxn from all walks of life ready to find connection outside our own individual lives.

Together, we’ve healed over 150,000 humans.



Who is this for?

This weekend retreat and workshop is for any trauma survivor on a journey towards healing.

Is this for healing a certain type of trauma?

No! This is for any human healing from any form of trauma.

This can include:

💫 Physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse.

💫 Childhood trauma.

💫 Narcissistic abuse.

💫  [X]

💫  [X]

Is this just for women?

Yes! This retreat is for any womxn-identifying, non-binary, and transgender trauma survivor.

What if I’ve never done somatic exercises before?

No matter how much experience with somatic exercise before, you're welcome on this retreat.

What if I’ve never done self-defense or jiu jitsu before?

No matter how much experience with self-defense or jiu jitsu before, you're welcome on this retreat.

What if I just started my healing journey?

Anyone is welcome, no matter where they are on their healing journey.

What if I have limited mobility?

All levels of mobility will be accommodated.

Is there a cancellation policy?


How much is it?

The retreat is $500. This price does NOT include travel, hotel, or parking.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! [X]

How do I sign up?

You can sign up right HERE.

Are you ready to heal?