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Feel Your Feelings (Somatic Exercises For Ages 3-7)

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Do your kids get emotionally overwhelmed by what they’re feeling sometimes?

Do they have BIG meltdowns when they try to express their BIG emotions?

You’re not doing anything wrong, mama!!!

Your kids have BIG feelings. And sometimes, those feelings become a little too big for them (and you!) to handle...

So before those big feelings turn into even bigger tantrums, use Feel Your Feelings to help them purposefully process their overwhelming emotions.


Feel Your Feelings is a collection of somatic exercises to guide kids ages 3-7 through fun and intentional movements, providing your little ones with the tools needed to self-soothe, self-regulate, and calmly express what they're feeling (without the meltdown...).

Each video in Feel Your Feelings contains 2-5 minutes of engaging somatic exercises specifically designed to capture (and keep!) their attention

while simultaneously giving YOU the time and space needed to regulate your own emotions so you, too, can navigate the situation in a productive and calm way after having some space. 

The somatic movements used are age-appropriate, beginner-level, and do not require any additional equipment.


Free Your Feelings provides kids with immediate relief from their overwhelming emotions.


Feel Your Feelings includes:

  • A collection of 30 video lessons that each target a specific emotion your little one is navigating
  • Easy-to-follow, age-appropriate teaching of somatic exercises for beginners 
  • Direct email support with The Workout Witch, providing you and your little one with personalized support
  • Lifetime access to the videos after purchase
  • Easy to navigate video platform that your kids can navigate by themselves (even if they can't read yet)
  • The ability to do put on one of these videos at a moments notice (as long as you have your phone or laptop available!) to avoid the imminent meltdown


Feel Your Feelings helps kids process these emotions:

  • Nervous
  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Scared
  • Confused
  • Mad
  • Frustrated
  • Irritated
  • Lonely
  • Tired
  • Sad
  • Hyper
  • Excited
  • Silly
  • Happy
  • Uncomfortable
  • Embarrassed


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Here's How We Help Kids Feel Their Feelings With Somatic Exercises

Somatic exercises allow your child to connect to their inner landscape, giving them the tools and techniques needed to listen to their emotions and their body.

The somatic exercises in Feel Your Feelings consist of easy-to-follow, kid-friendly movements that allow the sensations and feelings in their body to be acknowledged, felt, and released — so the emotional overwhelm can be avoided.

These movements aren't about suppressing their emotions — they're about providing the emotional intelligence and self-awareness necessary to express their emotions in a healthy and fun way.

Your child will soon be able to recognize when their big feelings become too big to handle, and will empower them to ground themselves through calm through movement.


Benefits of Feel Your Feelings:

Empowering your kids to identify their emotions.

Feel Your Feelings empowers every child to listen closely to what they’re feeling, so they can uncover their discomforts or struggles before those feelings turn into meltdowns.

Providing the tools to navigate big feelings.

The somatic exercises in each 3-5 minute video aren't about suppressing or hiding their emotions — they're about processing their emotions in a healthy way so they're no longer stuck in their body.

Teaching the techniques to begin self-soothing.

Your child will not only learn to recognize and navigate what they're feeling, they'll discover tools to release any distress and overwhelm that feeling is causing.

Learning somatics to avoid future tantrums.

Pretty soon, your child will be using what they've learned from each video to regulate their feelings and self-soothe their emotional overwhelm by themselves.



Can kids who aren’t in the range of 3-7 do this?

The exercises are taught and created specifically for this age range. Older kids can do the exercises. If your child is over 8, we suggest the Release Stress & Stored Trauma course.

Can kids with ADHD / Autism do this?

Yes! All of the exercises are developmentally appropriate for neurodivergent kids. Liz (the instructor) has worked with autistic children and kids with ADHD before.

What if my kid has limited mobility?

if your child can sit and lay down on a bed, they can do the exercises in this course. Any exercise done laying or sitting on the floor can be done in bed if preferred. 

How much is it?

This course is valued at $1750. Get the course now and start feeling relief today for only $57. Registration is open now. Once you sign up, you'll be given instant access to the full course via email, with unlimited, lifetime access to the exclusive content

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Ready to help your kids feel their feelings in a productive, healthy, and fun way!?

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