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The Best Pilates Props For Your Home Workouts!

Posted by Liz Tenuto on

There are so many ways to include Pilates props into your home workouts. Regardless of whether you want to invest in a reformer for your home or not, Pilates props are highly versatile and effective. Pilates props assist you with alignment and intensify the effectiveness of your home workouts. 12/10 recommend! Here's a list of my favorite Pilates props: 

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The Top 5 Stretches For Lower Back Pain And Hip Pain

Posted by Liz Hurt on

Have you ever wondered what can cause lower back pain and chronic hip pain? Or looked up, "why does my lower back hurt so much?" Or, "what are "what are good stretches for hip pain?" There IS good news for you! It IS possible to alleviate lower back pain and hip pain through simple stretches, especially if you follow a well-researched program under the guidance of a rehabilitative fitness professional or physical therapist. So if you're looking for easy stretches for lower back pain and hip pain, try some of these! To bring you some relief today, these are the...

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