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QUIZ: What's Your Go-To Survival Response; Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn

Posted by Liz Tenuto on

Find out what your go-to survival response is — fight, flight, freeze, or fawn! ⬇️ 

Take the quiz to find out! 

Being stuck in fight response looks like: 

💫 wants to control things
💫 assertive 
💫 unpredictable
💫 resentful or angry
💫 reactive
💫 defensive

  Being stuck in flight response looks like: 

💫 workaholic
💫 perfectionistic
💫 over-achieving
💫 anxiety
💫 overthinking
💫 restlessness

Being stuck in freeze response looks like: 

💫 dissociating
💫 indecisive
💫 exhausted
💫 social withdrawal
💫 emotionally numb
💫 bed rotting

Being stuck in fawn response looks like: 

💫 people pleasing
💫 no boundaries
💫 codependent
💫 hates conflict
💫 overwhelmed
💫 doesn't voice opinion