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Why You Can’t Cry Anymore

Posted by Kelsey Juntwait on

What does it mean if you can’t cry anymore!?

Or if you have a hard time feeling your feelings!?

If you find yourself with an overwhelming sense of feeling *nothing* lately — there’s probably a reason for that.

And that reason starts with trauma.

Prolonged trauma can shutdown your entire nervous system.

When you go through a lot of trauma over a prolonged period of time, your body, your emotions, and your nervous system start to shut down.

This happens because you’re just so overloaded by all of this trauma and stress that your body can only react in two different ways. One way is to be completely overloaded with rage and anger, while the other is to just completely shut down.

And if you’re finding that it’s difficult to feel and to cry right now, then you’ve probably fallen into the latter.

This shutdown can further be described as Dorsal Vagal Shutdown — a state of physiological shutdown in which the body's sympathetic nervous system is deactivated and the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

Symptoms Of A Nervous System Shutdown

When your nervous system shuts down, it can lead to a variety of serious symptoms — the most common symptoms including a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. And this shutdown is associated with the body's fight-or-flight response.

Other symptoms of a shutdown nervous system include:

  • Feeling stuck and being emotionally numb
  • A heaviness or numbness in your limbs
  • An overwhelming sense of dread
  • Physically and emotionally dissociating
  • An increase in anxiety and depression over time
  • Constant fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic pain
  • Tingling in neck, jaw, and shoulder blades, lower back, front pelvis

You can re-stimulate your nervous system through somatic exercises.

Somatic exercise is the perfect way to re-stimulate and regulate your nervous system by reducing the amount of stress and trauma that's being stored in the body and gets your body out of it's "freeze" state.

Not only do somatic exercises get your body out of a nervous system shutdown, but over time, they can also increase your body's ability to manage and cope with stressful situations in the future — enabling your mind and body to routinely regulate itself.

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