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The Surprising Link Between Posture and Mental Health: What Your Posture Says About You

Posted by Kelsey Juntwait on

According to recent studies, there's a surprising link between your physical posture and your mental health, your past trauma, and your psychological state. So if you've ever noticed yourself holding your head in a certain way or arching your back differently, your body may be trying to tell you more than you think.

Here are a few common posture positions and what they say about your mental health and wellbeing:

If your eyes are always looking down...

  • You've been through a lot.
  • You have unreleased trauma in your body.
  • It's hard for you to trust people.
  • You feel upset regularly but you try to hide it.
  • You're struggling with your self worth.
  • You're feeling stuck in your life.

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If you have "text neck" or your head sticks out forward from your shoulders...

  • You're constantly worried about the future.
  • You probably have some sort of anxiety disorder.
  • You have difficulty concentrating and getting tasks done.
  • You're prone to mood swings.
  • You get upset easily.

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If you have rounded shoulders...

  • You're highly empathetic.
  • You put up a guard around people to protect yourself from getting hurt.
  • You typically don't feel very confident.
  • You feel like you have a lot of responsibility but little support from those around you.

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If you have a "rib flare" or if you stick your chest forward...

  • You feel undervalued in a lot of situations.
  • You're resentful of how much work you do and how little help you get.
  • You tend to be very blunt about things.
  • People call you "rigid" often.
  • It's hard for you to relax.

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If you have a sway back...

  • You probably have a history of making poor decisions.
  • You've probably been through a traumatic experience.
  • You feel like you don't have support where you need it most.
  • You're not very rooted in yourself and find it hard to put your needs before others.

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If your hips are jutted forward...

  • You're a pretty introverted person.
  • You tend to be submissive about things.
  • You're fearful of speaking up in important situations.
  • You're stuck in a withdrawal response.

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It's important to understand that your posture CAN change though — along with your mental and psychological state. 

Typically, these postures are developed from the unresolved traumas, anxieties, and stresses in your life, so once you begin resolving those traumas, anxieties, and stresses in your life, your posture can improve.

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