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The Best Pilates Props For Your Home Workouts!

Posted by Liz Tenuto on

There are so many ways to include Pilates props into your home workouts.

Regardless of whether you want to invest in a reformer for your home or not, Pilates props are highly versatile and effective. Pilates props assist you with alignment and intensify the effectiveness of your home workouts. 12/10 recommend!

Here's a list of my favorite Pilates props: 

1. The Full Reformer Kit

If you want to get fully set up, go with this full suite of the reformer props and a studio-quality reformer. This reformer set needs it's own space or a sizable corner of a room. 

Best home Pilates reformer

2. The Daily Reformer 

This is the best affordable and space-saving home reformer without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. It operates on the spring system, just like a studio reformer. It has wheels so you can move it to the side easily when you aren't using it. 

Home Pilates reformer affordable

3. The Stability Ball 

AKA the ab burner. Put the stability ball under your mid back as you're in a curl position to experience deep ab toning without hip or back tension. This prop also helps you deepen your connection to your pelvic floor. It's highly effective!

Best Pilates At Home Props

4. The Magic Circle

This Pilates prop really enhances the intensity of your home workouts. Especially effective for your back, core, and inner thighs.  

Is Pilates at home effective

5. The Theraband

This is the best tool for flexibility. It can be used to mimic a lot of the movements that you do on the Pilates reformer. If you're just starting out in Pilates, get the light theraband (the yellow one). If you're intermediate, get the medium theraband (the red one). 

Pilates at home without reformer

6. The Foam Roller

Ready for some pain & stress relief? This is a must-have if you have shoulder tension. Also a must-have if you're rehabbing an injury. The best foam rollers are 36" long so you can use them both vertically or horizontally. 

how to do Pilates at home without reformer

7. The Yamuna Balls

For the love of your feet! You can walk up and down these self-massaging balls every day (you'll thank me later). 

Is it healthy to do Pilates every day


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