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Your Trauma Is Being Stored In Your... Lower Back!

What it means when trauma is stored in your lower back:

You probably feel burdened by a lot of responsibility right now, and that’s causing you to feel anger towards the people closest to you. You fear that your basic emotional and physical needs aren’t being met but you feel like you don’t have the time and energy to practice any self care lately. You might also be experiencing some financial struggles currently and you often find yourself putting up a wall with people who want to get closer to you. 

How to release trauma stored in your lower back:

Start a 30-Day Somatic Healing Program to FINALLY get rid of your lower back pain, bad posture, AND the chronic anxiety you're feeling on a daily basis.

This is 10-15 minutes a day of movements designed for beginners who work at a desk full-time that will release lower back trauma, relieve lower back pain, and introduce your body to the way it's SUPPOSED to feel.

Heal Your Lower Back In 30 Days relieves:

🪩 Lower Back Pain
🪩 Poor Posture
Chronic Tension Headaches
🪩 Sleep Issues
🪩 Gut Issues
🪩 Constant Fatigue
🪩 Long-Term Anxiety
🪩 Long-Term Depression
🪩 Brain Fog

Heal Your Lower Back!