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Ready to rid your body of hip pain, hip tension, sciatica, lower back pain, AND years of stored trauma in your hips in just 30 days!?

Free Your Hips In 30 Days 

This is your easy-to-follow program of hip and lower back exercises that actually gets to the root cause of your pain, rather than just treating the pain itself — so you can finally have PERMANENT relief.

Start Healing TODAY

Are you suffering from unbearable hip tension, unusually tight hips, extreme lower back pain, OR years of sciatic pain that just won’t go away!?

Does this sound like you!?!

  • You find yourself trying to pop your hips all day long.
  • You’re constantly looking for different exercises for hip pain or stretches for sciatica but everything you try doesn’t work long-term.
  • You’ve been to multiple doctors for this debilitating pain but all they do is label it as stress.
  • You’ve tried acupuncture, yoga, meditation retreats but nothing is making the pain go away.
  • You may have heard that trauma is being stored in your hips but after every therapy session, the physical pain is still there.
  • You’re tired… All day, everyday.
  • You suffer from stomach aches, random headaches, and other body aches regularly.

Then you need Free Your Hips In 30 Days!

Free Your Hips In 30 Days relieves:

  • Hip Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sciatica 
  • Health Conditions Related To Stored Trauma Including: Sleep Issues, Gut Issues, Headaches/Migraines, Chest Pains, Constant Fatigue, Long-Term Anxiety, Long-Term Depression, Brain Fog, Chronic Muscle tension, Tinnitus
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & Vulvodynia 
  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Knee Pain
  • Nervous System Dysregulation
  • Pain Associated From Fibromyalgia
  • Physical Symptoms Of Long-Term Stress

More Ibuprofen Is NOT The Answer!

(& neither is buying a new mattress or visiting yet another doctor…)

Did you know thousands of women are experiencing complete hip and lower back relief after only 5-10 minutes a day for 30 days!?

And they’re doing it by treating the ROOT CAUSE of the problem — not just the symptoms they’re feeling!

Because here’s the thing… Constant hip pain and sciatic nerve pain is an indicator that you’re storing a lot of stress and anxiety in your body. 

With these simple, daily movements, you’ll finally be able to release the stores of trauma that are causing the physical pain in your lower back.

Heal Your Hip Pain For Good


Oh hey, it’s The Workout Witch! (But you can call me Liz!)

I’m a somatic specialist, a narcissistic abuse survivor, and someone who knows — first hand — that your chronic pain, your complex anxiety, and your past trauma are all related. 

After completely healing myself from the debilitating pain that kept me in bed most mornings during my twenties, I’m now changing the conversation around physical pain and stored trauma.

With a Degree in Psychology from UCSB, a Somatic Certification in Feldenkrais and Pilates, and 14 years of clinical experience, I’ve created multiple courses so other people can heal themselves too.

These simple exercises and stretches will heal the pain you know you have — by treating the cause you never knew existed.

When I’m not helping women heal from years of trauma stored in their body, you can find me eating pasta for any meal I can, looking up multi-million dollar homes on Zillow, or buying yet another palm tree to fill my apartment with.

Let’s face it — western medicine is quick to treat the symptoms of your problems. 

Extra-Strength Ibuprofen for a sciatica flare up.

Cortisone shots for severe hip pain.

Yoga for tight hips.

Xanax for anxiety.

Prozac for depression.

Therapy for stress.

And while I’m not necessarily against any of these treatments…

What about the cause of all these problems?

What about the cause of the sciatica flare up? The severe hip pain? The tight hips? The anxiety? The depression? The stress???

After trying *almost* everything I could to treat my own constant hip and lower back pain, I recognized that the most widely known treatments prescribed by most doctors were only providing short-term symptom relief — and never providing the long-term cure I was looking for.

Until I started doing somatic exercises… 

These are gentle movements that connect your physical body to your emotional body, allowing you to treat the physical manifestations of pain by addressing the trauma, anxiety, and stresses that have been causing it (and adding to it over the years!).

    Treat The Cause Of Your Pain

    Free Your Hips In 30 Days — release your hip pain for good.

      Here’s everything you get:

      • 30 Days Of Perfectly-Sequenced, Exclusive Video Classes — so you can finally experience how your hips and lower back are supposed to feel.
      • Instant PDF Downloads For Progress Tracking And Organization — so you can remain accountable throughout the entire program.
      • Direct Email Access To Me For Personal Guidance & Coaching — so you can reach out with any and all questions necessary to take full advantage of the course.
      • Two Healing Rituals — so you can better deal with any stress, anxiety, and trauma that occurs in the future.
      • Modifications For Those Who Have Significant Pain Or Less Mobility — so you can experience the program exactly as you need to.
      • A Daily Hip Routine To Keep Your Hips Open Long After You've Completed The Course — so you can continue treating the stress that builds up in your hips and lower back and continue to live pain-free for YEARS after you've completed the course.


      • Bonus Prenatal Module
      • Bonus Jaw Release Module

      It’s time to experience what pain-free living actually feels like — and rid yourself of the YEARS of stress and trauma being stored in your hips and lower back.

      Here’s what you can expect after 30 days in this program:

      • Your constant hip and lower back pain will become a distant memory.
      • You’ll put away the anti-inflammatory meds you keep in your desk drawer FOR GOOD.
      • Your flexibility and movement will improve.
      • You’ll no longer be reliant on monthly massages to heal your sciatic nerve pain.
      • Your posture will improve dramatically.
      • Your shoulders will no longer look slumped in every picture you take.
      • Your headaches and body aches and stomach aches will disappear.
      • Your anxiety will improve.
      • You’ll sleep better.
      • You’ll realign your legs.
      • And, most importantly, your body will thank you.

      This is more than just 30 days of exercises for hip and lower back pain relief.

      Taught by a master trainer and somatic specialist, the total value of this offer is well over $1400.

      But you can get Free Your Hips In 30 Days TODAY for only $57.


      • 30 Days Of Perfectly-Sequenced, Exclusive Video Classes
      • Instant PDF Downloads For Progress Tracking And Organization
      • Direct Email Access To Me For Personal Guidance & Coaching
      • Two Healing Rituals
      • Modifications For Those Who Have Significant Pain Or Less Mobility
      • A Daily Hip Routine To Keep Your Hips Open Long After You've Completed The Course 
      • Bonus Jaw Tension Release Module
      • Bonus Prenatal Module

      For only $57!

      And with a 99.9% success rate AND a money back guarantee, long-term and life-changing hip and lower back pain relief has never been easier.

      Here’s what previous students have to say about it:

      Your body deserves to feel better than this.

      Immediately after you join Free Your Hips In 30 Days, you’ll get instant access to the exercises that are providing long-term hip and lower back pain relief in as little as THREE days.

      We’re so sure that you’ll love this program that we have a money back guarantee.

      (But we’re confident you won’t need it…) 

      Start Your Healing Journey TODAY

      Questions!? Here are some answers!!

      Q: Are the classes live or pre-recorded?

      A: All of the classes are pre-recorded so you can do them at your own pace when it's convenient for you. You'll have lifetime access to the course so you can revisit it anytime

      Q: How long does it take to unlock my hips?

      A: This varies person to person but it generally takes 3 weeks with this course. There's a specific sequence of movements that'll help you get to the big release moment. You'll be taught the step-by-step in this course.

      Q: Does this work for men too?

      A: Yes, this course works for all genders. 

      Q: How do I know when I release my hips?

      A: You'll really feel it when the big release moment happens. You'll feel a deep unlocking in your pelvis and a warm, gushing feeling throughout your entire body. You'll have a huge emotional release as well. After the big release, you'll feel light with significantly less pain in your body. You'll feel much more ease and relaxation throughout your body as well.

      Q: Is this course safe for prenatal and postpartum?

      A: Yes, it's safe for both prenatal and postpartum. There are prenatal modifications included in the course. For postpartum, the course will also help you rebuild your pelvic floor. 

      Don’t wait until it’s too late.

      Rid your body of chronic hip pain, debilitating sciatica, stored trauma, mind-numbing anxiety, and life-altering stress in just 30 days for only $57.

      Your body deserves this.

      Heal Your Hip Pain & Sciatica For Good